Alec Motter- Chemistry Specialist

Alec was born to a family with deep roots in the auto industry, with three generations in the business in one form or another. He attended Miami University, where he studied Psychology and Statistics and later used his education for a career in sales.  Alec worked for Able Roof, selling roofs and exterior home projects for the largest Roofing company in the Midwest for two years but wanted a more relationship-based sales role. He was later hired by the largest and oldest craft brewery in Ohio, Great Lakes Brewing Company, where he excelled as a sales representative servicing over 40 counties in Ohio. After three years in that role, Alec knew he didn’t see himself in the beer industry long term. Knowing this, his college friend, Stephen Denissoff, took him to an ICA show and Alec was hooked immediately. During 2022, Alec joined Synergy Solutions as a Chemistry Specialist, fully embracing the industry and delving into the realms of sales, production, and engineering. His remarkable growth within his domain and his continuous learning in the field led to his elevation to the role of Business Development Manager in 2023. In this expanded capacity, Alec now collaborates closely with Synergy’s partners in the central region, nurturing valuable relationships and driving mutual success.


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