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The Synergy Advantage

The Synergy Advantage is advanced science. Our company uses advanced polymer technology to make our proprietary formulations perform better, faster, and last longer than the competition. Switch to our products today to see the Synergy difference.


    • No acid needed to neutralize surface of the car and clean the vehicle
    • Safe on equipment (reduce replacing O-rings, check valves, foot valves)
    • DOT-approved non-corrosive
    • Does not positively charge the car surface
    • Save on shipping costs


  • Encapsulates dirt to prevent redepositing dirt back onto car’s surface
  • One-step cleaning offers enhanced drying, rinsing and incredible shine
  • No offensive chemical smell
  • Reduced dwell time
  • Heating polymers not required


Advanced Polymer Technology

Traditional products use a two-step approach involving acids and harsh chemicals, which are more expensive and less effective. This process results in easier rinsing and leaving the car shiny and cleaner than the traditional two-step approach. Synergy Solutions manufactures a comprehensive line of car wash chemicals, specializing in polymer-based and non-corrosive products, to achieve superior results using less product. While commonly corrosive traditional detergents clean by attacking dirt, which can damage the vehicle surface, Synergy Solutions’ non-caustic based detergents lift dirt away from the surface using a molecular chain to attract dirt up to the polymer and then encapsulate it, so dirt is not redeposited. The result is easy rinsing leaving a clean and shiny surface.

Fast-drying, Clean,
and Shiny Finish

Unlike traditional detergents, which are commonly corrosive and clean by attacking and damaging the vehicle surface, Synergy Solutions’ non-caustic based detergents utilize a molecular chain to attract dirt to the polymer, effectively lifting dirt away from the surface. The dirt is then encapsulated, to allow for easy rinsing, leaving the surface clean and shiny. Our spray protectants and drying agents produce unsurpassed shine and drying capabilities.

DOT Classified Non-Corrosive

Synergy Solutions offers the most comprehensive line of environmentally friendly car wash chemicals on the car wash market today. 95% of our products are DOT classified non-corrosive. Our products, not only save you on shipping costs, but they are also safer for your vehicles, customers, employees, and the environment.


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