Extreme Packs

Synergy Solutions Extreme Pack™: The Most Extreme Concentrate on the Market Today

No Acid Needed, Non-Corrosive, UPS Shippable

Extreme Pack’s™ easy-to-store 2.5 gallon containers pack premium cleaning power and unbeatable shine into a compact container.


Synergy Solutions’ Extreme Pack Station™ is simple to maintain, easy to convert to, and simple to install. It includes:

  • One 11.5 gallon reservoir that will hold five 2.5 gallon containers.
  • Each Extreme Pack™ 5 gallon refill pack contains two 2.5 gallon easy-pour containers.
Dump the Drum. Start Saving.

  • Space | Store Extreme Pack™ 2.5 gallon containers on a shelf and free up the 55-gallon drum footprint to create a cleaner, more spacious equipment room.
  • Ease of Use | Anyone can easily handle, store and refill the 2.5 gallon containers used with the Extreme Pack Station™ 11.5 gallon reservoir.
  • Costs | Using smaller 2.5 gallon containers translates into savings on shipping, container cost, and blending expenses.

Extreme Pack™ Product Line


Car Wash Extreme Packs

Viper — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Highly concentrated, non-corrosive, high pH, car wash presoak. Effective in every application, and especially powerful for touch-free washing. This presoak does not charge the car’s surface and increases rinse ability and shine. It can be used as a single-step presoak or as a two-step process
in combination with low pH products.

Power Prep — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Hyper concentrated presoak used in a 2-step Low pH/High pH wash process. This presoak contains high-quality low pH acids that mulsifies, neutralizes, and loosens dirt and grime in a high-pressure wash system. Power prep also significantly reduces eyebrows on windshields.

Liquid Blaze — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Our most concentrated high foaming presoak with red coloring designed specifically for foaming curtains. Used as an added service with great eye appeal and added rinse

Detail Prep — (2) 2.5 Gallon

The ultimate high pressure concentrate that combines high suds, alkalinity, and visual appeal for superior cleaning. Suitable for tunnel and self-serve washes.

Spearmint Presoak — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Highly concentrated, heavy-duty, high pH, liquid car wash presoak complete with fragrance. It is effective in every application, especially in self-serve car washes.

Signature — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Heavy-duty, high pH, liquid car wash presoak. This workhorse presoak is effective in every application and is especially powerful for touch-free washing. Amazing cleaning ability does not charge the car’s surface and increases rinse ability and shine. Can be used as a single-step presoak or as a two-step process in combination with low pH products.

Ultra Sudz — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Premium foam lubricating detergent, designed for all cloth washes. Ultra Sudz produces a thick and rich lather and provides excellent cleaning and rinse ability. This highly concentrated lubricating soap reduces damage claims, such as mirrors, antennas, and license plates.

Foam Brush — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Hyper concentrated lubricant detergent with cleaning agents for use in self-service brush application. Available in various colors and fragrances.

AquaGuard Foaming Protectant — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Similar to our premium protectant AquaGuard™, AquaGard™ Foaming Protectant offers the “show” customers love to see – providing the added foaming and color. AquaGuard™ Foaming Protectant repels water, delivers the highest gloss shine possible, and appears as a hand waxed car finish. Give your customers premium service with long-lasting value.

AquaGuard — (2) 2.5 Gallon

A car wash protectant, formlated for total vehicle protection while you ride AquaGuard™ repel water, delivers the highest gloss shine possible, and appears as a hand-waxed car finish. Give your customers premium service with ong-lasting value.

Magma Polish — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Highly concentrated rich foaming and polish that offers high shine and enhanced protection as a flash wax with the desired rinse ability. This polish is available with color and fragrance.

Clearcoat Conditioner — (2) 2.5 Gallon

This highly concentrated pH-balanced surface conditioner with cleaning agents and protectants is available in red, blue and yellow, and is applied through foamers.

Glisten w Carnauba — (2) 2.5 Gallon

A premium sealer wax with carnauba, which delivers a mirror-like shine.

Berry Polyshine — (2) 2.5 Gallon

High concentrate polymeric-based blueberry scented protectant maintains and preserves all car surfaces. It provides a protective coating with a high gloss appearance. This product is also great in a self-serve application.

CeramiGuard — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Premium ceramic sealant offering. Includes the best ceramic raw materials offered in the industry. Advanced polymer solution adds a layer of protection by chemically bonding to your car’s paint, resulting in a durable, shiny, surface that is resistant to stains, oxidation, dirt, and grime for easier cleaning.

CeramiShield — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Ceramic foaming sealant that adds a layer of protection that bonds to your vehicle’s surface. Results include a durable lasting shine, with a silk like feel to the touch.

Aqua Dry — (2) 2.5 Gallon

A super-concentrated drying agent that instantaneously breaks down water to achieve optimum blower efficiency and a drier car. AquaDry reduces labor costs and minimizes wipe downtime.

Bug Zapper — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Advanced polymer technology enables the development of a safe and very effective bug remover. Safely penetrates and softens stubborn bug remains for easy removal.

Brite-N-White — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Non-corrosive wheel and tire cleaner for use in self-serve applications. Brite-N-White is specially designed for air injected foaming systems with green color and fresh pine scent.

Red Snapper — (2) 2.5 Gallon

Highly concentrated, non-corrosive product for cleaning all types of wheels (including chrome, aluminum, and magnesium) and whitewall tires. Safely removes brake dust and makes whitewalls white again. Simply spray on and rinse off.


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