Polymer Reclaim Products

Engineered Chemistry | Formulated with high quality raw materials for an entire line of non-corrosive, Reclaim Compatible chemicals that allow you to clean efficiently with a superior dry and shine without having to worry about haze or odor with your recycled water.

Environmentally Friendly | Recycling water with Synergy’s Advanced Polymer reclaim line is an extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable business practice that will not only save you money with rising water costs but also ensure you are doing your part for your community and the planet.

Safe Car Wash Chemistry | Our entire Reclaim line uses Synergy Solutions chemically engineered Advanced Polymer technology and is completely non-corrosive. It is specifically designed to be safer on your reclaim system, cars, equipment and the environment.

Cleaner Cars | All of our reclaim products work together on all types of cars and surfaces like painted, glass, rubber, plastic and chrome. With high foaming lubrication and superior rinsing, your customers will notice the difference when using Synergy Reclaim Products.

Economical Car Wash Solutions | Synergy’s reclaim line is specifically formulated to easily break down and filter out of your water so you can recycle with confidence, save money – all while doing your part for the environment.

Car Wash Polymer Reclaim Products

BioClean — 5, 15, 30, 55 gal

Clean with FORCE. Our polymer based, non-corrosive reclaim approved presoak attacks the dirt and grime on the vehicles surface with a haze-free rinse like no other reclaim approved presoak on the market.

BioShine — 5, 15, 30, 55 gal

Your customers will notice the difference with this Reclaim approved protectant formulated for total vehicle protection from water and UV rays with a haze-free rinse and premium shine.

BioDry — 5, 15, 30, 55 gal

Reclaim approved drying agent that causes water to bead upon immediate contact for a complete and thorough drying process.

BioGlide — 5, 15, 30, 55 gal

This highly concentrated reclaim approved lubricating soap keeps your brushes clean and works to lift dirt and grime from the vehicles surface with an extreme haze-free rinsability

BioWheel — 5, 15, 30, 55 gal

Highly effective reclaim approved non-corrosive wheel cleaner that is safe for cars, your customers and the environment.


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